Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More confirmation

So our Cardiologist emailed on Friday evening and said she wanted to consult with more senior fetal specialists about his condition and just make sure she told us the right thing. She emailed again yesterday that they all agree on his condition and treatment. Which doesn't change much for us I guess. I'm just doing my best to get though each day knowing what's coming. I say lots of prayers for him and get excited each time he moves or kicks like he is right now. He's a strong little boy! He has me so sore sometimes from all that kicking and wiggling, but I don't mind at all. It keeps me connected to him. All the time we have together is precious. I've told the girls. I am not sure they comprehend death quite yet. But they are reaching out to touch my belly a lot more and asking questions about him. Gillian has started to make more of an effort with Vu and that sure goes a long way to reduce my stress. Next Dr appointment is monday (20 weeks-5months for those that don't know) We are half way through now. Although we aren't going 20 more weeks, maybe 19 if I have my way 18 if the dr does. Anyway more news next week.