Saturday, June 5, 2010

the surgery

It seemed like forever while we waited for the surgery to be over. They give you a pager to text you with updates and we were glued to it, but I've since found that the pager is just a feel good thing.  I'm not sure I'll even want one next time.  They just fluff you up and tell you the real stuff later, at least that was our experience.  I guess maybe for the first time I was being treated like a normal patient's parent and I didn't know how to take it. Just give it to me straight. I've been told all this time that my boy has a death sentence hanging over him, so there isn't much you could say that I haven't heard.  But don't sugar coat it then dump it on me later.  That's what they did though.  See, my boy's heart stopped during surgery, if the rumors are correct, three times to the point where they had to do CPR. but no mention of complications on any of those texts. My jaw dropped and my eye wanted to wheal up but what was the point. He was OK now and doing fine. You know I wonder how much worse I would have been if they had said everything was fine but then come to tell me my boy had passed away?   Scary but he was fine.  My mom's reaction was overly dramatic and upset Vu and I even more.  I had to be real short to get her to stop and even then we had to get away from any negativity.  Our boy was good.  That's all we could think about.