Saturday, July 17, 2010

2nd Surgery

So Vance's second surgery went well.  He ended up having the norwood, glenn and coronary surgery all at one time.  That is a lot of surgery for a little body. No hiccups in the OR like last time.  They really feel the proximity of his left coronary to the pulmonary caused that when the band was placed by compressing it. His coronary was intramural (running through the heart wall) as they had suspected but it was not very deep or very long so removing it was not as complex as Dr. Bradley anticipated. Thank God for that one. Everyone is pleased with his post-op progress.  Of course we want to see the vent off asap, but we're going to wean slowly today and see how he does.  We've got him down to 20 on the vent currently.  Checking blood gasses hourly.  His BP was a bit of a concern and I noticed that they put him on pace this morning, so I guess they are having to make up for the fact that they are sedating him a bit heavier because of all his movement.  He wants to wake up now!  He's shaking his head no which is pulling at the vent and could potentially cause inflammation making it harder to breath so thus the drugs.  Such a fine line we walk.  Every little thing affecting the other. I couldn't be happier though.  I am so proud of my boy.  What a warrior in deed!!  More updates throughout the next few days. Thank you for the prayers and God bless all of you following Vance. The support helps so much. We are God's hands and I felt his touch through all of the messages we've received from all of you.