Monday, October 11, 2010

OM gosh

There has been so much going on online within the CHD facebook and blog communities. I want to scream! It is so irritating to see people try to impose their will on someone else's life. I'm glad I have strong beliefs and just enough gumption to say what I need to say when appropriate. Oh how I wish it were appropriate all the time! LOL, yeah I'm a control freak and I like things my way.

For anyone who doesn't know...Vance has been approved and scheduled for his circumcision. I am elated.  We have waited so long for this. I prayed and cried over them not letting him have it done.  It's funny how Vu and I's ideas are so different sometimes, but others so in sync/  We both feel very strongly about this as a religious belief. Baptism and circumcision are the only two things we have stood firm on that we felt needed to be done for Vance.  We weren't sure about heart surgery, but never questioned circumcision.

  I've read comments recently that say that is wrong.  How could a mother think of a child's foreskin before his broken heart and all I can say to that is this, when you walk a mile in my shoes, live through the pain I've lived though over a child, then you can tell me what to think.  Until then, just keep guessing at what goes though someone else's head!

I see this a a symbol of God's chosen.  I spent my time defending my belief on FB so I won't rehash my entire arguement here, but I will say, if Christ had it done, why not my son??

I just think, I wouldn't even be having this convo if my son didn't have a CHD. It would have been done quietly at birth, no fanfair no drama.  So would I have missed out on the debate?  missed my chance to say I do it for God?  Maybe I got another little blessing to expand my testimony and stand up for what I believe He wants from me.

Life at home

So life is settling back down.  Vance has gotten off the fat free diet he was on as a result of the chylothorax.  His chest x-rays have come back clear, so he can eat all the fat he wants!  He's had mashed potatoes, green beans, and host of other table food.  He is so happy to eat what we eat. I have taken a break from the computer to try to get into a better house/appointment routine. I quit a game that Vu and I have played since I was pregnant with Vance and as you can see cut down on the blog. Hopefully just a short break. :)