Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 years and counting

So much has changed over the last two years since Vance's birth.  The major medical struggles are mostly in the past.  We have one more open heart surgery to face at any time now.  He has about 4 more lbs to gain before they do the next cath.  It's been so long I can only imagine how scared I'll be all over again. Now that he is older, we've been comfortable thinking everything will be fine, but it's always so risky. And complications can pop up anytime, like we found out after the last surgery.  I am very happy to say that none of those have had any major lasting affects.  He is still stronger on his left side than right, but therapy is improving those areas where he favors the left side. He goes to cardiology some time next month for his check up.  They have all been very good, so I anticipate the same.  Although he is getting older and less cooperative with the echos, that isn't a huge issue.  We've been spending this time between surgeries focusing on Ds issues that delay milestones.  Overall he has done well. Everyone says he is pretty normal 2 year old.  The hurdles I'd like him to overcome in the near future are language and behavior related.  Again, that is typical for any 2 year old. He throws things, has temper tantrums when things don't go his way, and he has his baby language for everything.  But He's signing over 75 signs on his own.  Has started pairing two signs to make sentences, like eat banana (which all moneys love right?).  He hugs and kisses everyone randomly.  He's a sweet and affectionate child..  At this year's Easter picnic for DSAL he kissed Piper Slattery.  She's a cute little girl his age.  It was the most adorable thing ever.  He walked up to her, took her by the shoulders and kissed her.  When she looked surprised he ran off to play. Boys will be boys right?  The Most major change in our lives has come over the last few months.  Vu and I are no longer together.  It's been a very difficult adjustment on us all.  But time will work all those issues out for us.  The second huge thing in Vance's life to come later this year is the addition of a little brother or sister.  (Vu's having the baby, NOT ME!!) So that is an exciting thing for Vance.  I can't wait to see him do big brother things.  Hold his little sister or brother's hand, teach them how to do stuff, share his toys. It's something I wasn't sure he'd ever have in his life so I am very thankful for that.  Beyond things at home, he will most likely start school in November after his third birthday.  I am a bit nervous about that.  There has been so much in the news about special needs kids being mistreated in school.  It hurts my heart because I see these kids all the time with their families at events.  They are the sweetest things, so innocent.  How anyone could treat them badly is beyond my understanding.  I don't deny that there are times when they can be difficult, but every child is that way at times. I really wish people knew their stories and what they have already been through to get where they meet them. That is our society today though.  No one thinks about anyone other than themselves.  We don't stop to try to see there are reasons behind people's actions before we react in turn.