Wednesday, July 14, 2010

packing and getting ready

I have no idea where to start packing but at least we aren't far from home like many others.  today and tomorrow are going to be hard.  I am so anxious and on edge.  It's so hard to balance these emotions.  I want to be happy for Vance.  He's getting to move closer to having a normal life.  Yet there is this fear of losing him. It's not an overwhelming one which is encouraging. At least I don't feel like that at the moment.  I know what we're up against and that is probably the biggest hurdle.  Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much about this stuff and could sit in oblivion. He looks so cute this morning, sitting up in bed (albeit propped by pillows).  He's grown so much and become so precious to this family. Kaytlyn and I bathed him together last night.  He is really starting to enjoy the bath and it was a treat for both of us to watch how excited he got.  I couldn't imagine a day without him.  His little smile, his non-stop leg kicks and loud mouth.  My monkey is something special! I'm just going to count my blessings while pack some clothes. Back at it tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, I'm Shannon, heart mom to Derrick. I came across your blog through another one and see that it's time for the Glenn. Derrick had his Glenn at MUSC in January. Just wanted to let you know that we'll be praying for Vance and all of your family!!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,