Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Old stuff to catch you up on

I am really bad at story telling and I guess my blog will be the same way.  All the important points are hit, but not necessarily in the correct order. Since I stopped blogging for a while to focus on Vance, I have to go back and fill in the gaps, but I am trying to stay on top of things more this time so there are current events mixed in. Sorry but maybe it will make for more interesting reading. Soooo 2 weeks after Dr. Zyblewski (our Cardiologist) said Vance would be ok with surgery we got the call surgery in 4 days! OMg, my head was just buzzing. How do I plan for major surgery of my child in 4 days. How do I plan for my two other children and what do I tell them? Well, like everything else I procrastinate!  I did call my mom who said she'd be down asap and help me with the girls not only watching them but trying to keep their mind off of it too. So that was a relief. As far as everything else goes I was just in a daze.  I did as much around the house as I could manage, while keeping appointments at the same time. We had a long day the day before at the hospital in "same day" observation. After coming home and having dinner, my mom and her friend Michelle arrived and I spent the rest of the night til 1 am (surgery check-in 5:45am) figuring out what to pack and what to leave. The girls have school the next day but Gillian didn't want us to leave without her seeing and kissing Vance good bye.  She does love that boy so now! She got up at 4 and by the time we were leaving she was so wiped out. Mom said she was sure she was exhausted in school that day since she fell asleep in the car on the way to the bus stop a block away!
Let the waiting game begin~
We took him to the surgery check in, met the anesthesiologist and a couple of nurses. We had to change his clothes and put him in a yellow hospital gown. I wondered what was the point since they were going to take it off anyway, but never the less that's what we were told to do.  It was banana yellow, like the man with the yellow hat and Vance was my curious George little monkey. I let Vu hold him most of the time. I spend so much time holding him everyday I thought it was only fair to give this time to Vu.  I think the hardest part was when the anesthesiologist came and said it was time for them to go.  Vu had to hand Vance over to him and we watched them carry him away.  We both sighed and looked at each other with frowny faces. Then we make the long walk back to wait. Vu putting his arm over my shoulder and keeping me close.

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